Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cheater Mini Trifle

Mmm, doesn't this look like a really fattening, high calorie dessert? The truth is, it's less than 300 calories! I've really been trying to watch my calories this week by using to track what I'm eating every day. So far, I've done really well. But tonight, I was really craving a rich, chocolatey dessert but didn't want all the calories. So I grabbed some of my low calorie snacks and came up with this yummy dessert for myself. It really satisfied my craving for sweets and I didn't feel so bad about it because I stayed under my calorie limit for the day!

This isn't really a recipe but it's how I made it.

Cheater Mini Trifle

1 fat free Jello chocolate pudding cup (100 calories)
1 package Keebler Right Bite chocolate chip cookies, crumbled (100 calories)
2 Tbsp Cool Whip whipped topping (25 calories)
1 Tbsp semi sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, mixed (70 calories)

Put a little of the crumbled cookies in the bottom of a wine glass or other pretty dish (makes it feel more like a rich dessert). Next put a layer of chocolate pudding. Then, add 1 Tbsp whipped topping, another layer of cookie crumbles and then a layer of chocolate pudding. Top with 1 Tbsp whipped topping and mixed chocolate chips. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I'm really trying to watch calories I'll add some sliced strawberries and cool whip to my fat free pudding instead of the cookies and chocolate chips. Mmmm, so good and so many fewer calories than brownies and ice cream or some other desserts.


Ally said...

You are so creative! Great idea to keep the calories down!

Trisha said...

This looks great! Very point friendly for those counting WW Points! :o) Thanks for the idea!

Gillian said...

so pretty :) I need to try making mini trifles for my next party... and I really need to get my trifle recipe in my blog! ;)

Jennyfer said...

Love this idea!

~Amber~ said...

What a creative idea. It looks simply wonderful!

MrsPresley said...

wow, that looks SO good!